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The EasyFix application is a professional calculation program for designing fixing systems using solutions from the Rawlplug brand range. It connects intuitive operation with a wide range of fixing element shape configurations, their arrangement and quantities. EasyFix is trusted by designers and contractors, making it one of the most popular and frequently used calculation applications in the construction industry.

The functionalities of EasyFix are designed and supported by Rawlplug experts. They benefit from our years of experience in the manufacture of mechanical and adhesive anchors, as well as the knowledge of three research and development centres. The results of calculations are based on EAD (European Assessment Documents  - formerly ETAG) guidelines prepared by the European Organisation for Technical Approvals (EOTA). Therefore EasyFix ensures the safety and success of each project.

The basic version of the EasyFix application may be downloaded and installed free of charge. We have also made the more complex EasyFix Pro variant available for download, free of charge after registering as a user of the program.

EasyFix is available in desktop version and it is compatible with Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/2008/7/8, 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. It supports the following language versions: English, Czech, Danish, French, German, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish.

  • Anchor wearing calculator availableavailable
  • Calculations of anchors in concrete base availableavailable
  • Fixing spacers availableavailable
  • Results filtering availableavailable
  • Calculations of minimum thickness of slab available
  • Optimization for anchors selection available
  • Calculations for safety barriers fixing available
  • Selection of number of connectors for flat roofs available
  • Selection of connectors in masonry backgrounds available
  • Optimization of connectors for fixing of insulation on elevations available
  • Deep anchoring of reinforcing bars available

Application changelog:

Easy Fix Pro 3.2.36
  • correction of data entry error.
Easy Fix Pro 3.2.31
  • the user have a choice of product data,
  • the introduction of additional filters and use categories,
  • the defined relationship with the forces of the edge according to the ETAG,
  • extended database product RAWLPLUG.
Easy Fix Pro 3.2.23
  • Ukrainian translations,
  • Hungarian translations,
  • Czech translations.
Easy Fix Pro 3.2.09
  • updating CALCULATOR amount resin,
  • updating products database.
Easy Fix Pro 3.2.06
  • FACADE module,
  • plastic connectors FF1,
  • new fixture material - wood,
  • increased precision of calculation.
Easy Fix Pro 3.2.05
  • a new facade module which allows users to calculate the optimal selection of mechanical fixings for masonry and concrete walls in accordance with the extensive ETAG004 guidelines for utilising ETICS systems. Calculations are performed in line with ETAG014 guidance on the use of plastic anchors and the EN 1991-1-4 standard regarding wind actions on structures
  • new group of plastic-metal connectors added (FF1-N-10), for calculations involving the fixing of wooden elements
  • archived technical documents and approvals now available in French.
  • increased precision of calculations
  • improved program installer
Easy Fix Pro 3.1.17
  • ability to define rectangular and circular systems using any number of anchors,
  • new installer is fully equipped to work with the Windows operating system,
  • proxy handling,
  • start window redesigned.
Easy Fix Pro 3.0.0
  • balustrade module,
  • 3D drawing,
  • calculation of minimum thickness of fixed metal sheet,
  • graphical arrangement of run of neutral axis on the printout,
  • additions in database of sections,
  • optimization (calculations for all anchors, not only for the selected one),
  • demo version of Roofix program,
  • possibility to select the other printout language than this used in the application,
  • optimization in BASE PLATE module,
  • fixture thickness calculation in BASE PLATE module,
  • new drawing,
  • print language selection,
  • neutral axis calculation,
  • BALUSTRADE module,
  • FLAT ROOF module.
Easy Fix 2.5.15
  • new group of plastic-metal connectors added in Plate module
  • archived technical documents and approvals now available in French
  • increased precision of calculations
  • improved program installer
  • plastic connectors FF1
Easy Fix 2.4.0
  • calculator for resins,
  • improvements of sections (preview during selection of section, FL*2 section),
  • fixed calculations,
  • information concerning changes in the individual versions,
  • language support: Russian, French, Portuguese, Czech,
  • rolled sections symbols,
  • new rolled section 2*FL.
Easy Fix 2.0.0
  • strain calculations,
  • technical documentation of anchors (technical approval, technical sheet, drawing),
  • possibility to change units in the application,
  • save of operation state to the file,
  • printout to PDF,
  • language support: Polish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian,
  • editable parameters:

   - properties and size of concrete,

   - shape and size of slab,    - arrangement and type of anchors,    - force and moment,    - sections.



EasyFix Pro is a developed version of the program which is well-known and recommended within the construction industry and which is intended for calculations when using Rawlplug’s fixings. It is possible to prepare advanced designs of fixing systems for each project using this application.

The application is available free of charge. Just register as a user using the following form to download and install it:

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Technical Advisors

If you have any questions concerning EasyFix or EasyFix Pro you can contact our Technical Advisors directly via e-mail Below you can find contacts to our regional Technical Advisors.

You may also benefit from specialist support in the design of fixings during construction works. We appreciate the special trust enjoyed by Rawlplug solutions, therefore we do not charge any fees for consultation with our Technical Advisors, regardless of the size of the project.

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