Module: Roof insulation – perimeter mounting

by Jakub Oleksy
Module: Roof insulation – perimeter mounting
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What is a perimeter mounting?
This is an additional mounting of individual layers of insulation, e.g. PVC membrane outside the overlap along the outline of the building. This issue applies not only to the mentioned edges of the building, but also to all kinds of openings in the structure, like: windows, doors, ventilation and chimneys. Therefore, this issue is most often encountered in the case of flat roof insulation, as well as in other roof modules, i.e. “Roof steel sheet” and “Roof sandwich panel”.

How does it affect the calculation?
Enabling the “Perimeter mounting” function does not affect the calculation of the main fixing, moreover, the program selects fasteners for this application taking into account all general data, such as slopes. The program has a function to define the spacing, both for the outline and for the holes, without mutual dependence. In addition, in the shape editor, you can select the edges on which the mounting will appear and on which it will not. Thanks to this, a separate section will be specified on the printout with information about additional connectors intended for perimeter mounting.

How do I use this option in EasyFix?

The example shown below is for insulation on flat roofs.

Launch the EasyFix software. In the manager window, go to the “Wind calculations” category, and then open the “Roof insulation” module.

After starting the calculation module and entering the output data, go to the “Module0” tab in the upper left corner of the window, under the toolbar.

The “Perimeter Mounting” function is located at the bottom of the “Module Parameters” tab. It can be enabled by selecting the “square selection box” and then entering the spacing value.

For more information, click on the blue “i” icon or contact Technical Support.

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