Module: Masonry – first steps

by radoslaw.wdowiak
Module: Masonry – first steps
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Masonry module allows to optimal selection of fasteners for demanding masonry substrates. It is dedicated to bonded anchors and frame fixings.

Figure 1. R-KEMII – universal polyester resin for masonry substrate

Calculations are based on ETAG029 Guideline for European Technical Approval of  METAL INJECTION ANCHORS FOR USE IN MASONRY and  ETAG020 Guideline for European Technical Approval of PLASTIC ANCHORS FORMULTIPLE USE IN CONCRETE AND MASONRY FOR NON-STRUCTURAL APPLICATIONS.

User is able to make a calculation in each of 3 use categories: solid masonry, hollow or perforated masonry and autoclaved aerated concrete masonry. Wide range of substrate types covers most common materials, including solid clay brick HD, MZ, solid silicate brick KS, perforated ceramic block Hlz as well as autoclaved aerated concrete AAC.

Due to specification of masonry substrate, during the design process following factors should be considered: brick layout, joint parameters and possible plaster on the wall.

Watch the video below and take the first step with Masonry module.

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