At Rawlplug, we know very well that each project is a huge, multi-stage project, in which a lot of specialists are involved, and only the perfect fit of all elements will result in an effective whole. EasyFix is the result of our many years of experience, know-how and constant striving to provide solutions that meet the highest requirements of professionals in the industry. It is the result of our close daily cooperation with those for whom we create our products and whom we dedicate services to – that’s why we are sure that the comprehensive and complementary Rawlplug offer perfectly meets your needs.

What is EasyFix?

EasyFix is a professional and innovative program intended for purposes of fixing calculations which selects fixing solutions optimised in quantitative and qualitative terms from among the professional Rawlplug branded products on the basis of the data entered by the user, regardless of how specific they might be. Its computational features take into consideration the individual nature of the given scope of works as well as the latest standards, including the ETAG, EAD and Eurocode guidelines. The program encompasses four primary areas of operation: anchoring in concrete and masonry substrates, structural rebar joints, wind calculations, as well as road and bridge calculations. To ensure that you receive highly customised calculation results, EasyFix is divided into specialised modules corresponding to individual segments of construction works.

How to install Rawlplug EasyFix?

EasyFix is a free-of-charge application dedicated and available to all those who design structures using professional fixings on a daily basis. To retrieve the program, download the installation file available in the Download EasyFix tab. The installation process starts automatically upon executing the file. The program is available for the Windows and macOS operating systems.

How to register?

To use all the available software features, you only need to register by setting your login and password. There is a button in the top section of the page which will navigate you to the registration window. Once you have created a user account, you will receive a Rawlplug ID, i.e. a personal number enabling access to all Rawlplug’s services, including the extended version of the EasyFix program.

How can I get the access key?

You will receive the access key upon registration or – if you have already created an account – once you have logged in. After a sequence of digits forming the access key has been generated, it will be displayed on the computer screen so that you can copy it. The access key will also be sent to the e-mail address specified during registration.

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EasyFix - Rawlplug's professional calculation application

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- EN, 1.23 MB

Introduction  - User Manual
Introduction - User Manual

- EN, 429.53 KB

Concrete module  – User Manual
Concrete module – User Manual

- EN, 2.86 MB

Balustrade module  – User Manual
Balustrade module – User Manual

- EN, 2.75 MB

Rebar module  – User Manual
Rebar module – User Manual

- EN, 1.52 MB

Flat roof module  – User Manual
Flat roof module – User Manual

- ENG, 985.74 KB

Facade module  – User Manual
Facade module – User Manual

- EN, 2.78 MB

Concrete module  - Case Study
Concrete module - Case Study

- EN, 3.77 MB

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