Module: Roof Insulation – How to use it?

by Wojciech.Linkowski
Module: Roof Insulation – How to use it?
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The Roof insulation module is one of the most popular modules currently available in our program. In the first place, it is related to the increasingly non-standard solutions that may appear in the construction industry.

The calculation program is used for fixing thermal insulation layers on flat roofs. Such roofs include those with an angle of inclination not exceeding 5 degrees. The most popular thermal insulation materials are: polystyrene, polyurethane or mineral wool boards. On the other hand, the most common waterproofing is bituminous felt or a roofing membrane (foil).

During the calculations, the program selects the fasteners taking into account the wind suction forces in accordance with the ETAG 006 guidelines and the wind standard EN 1991-1-4. What’s more, the cooperation with the roofing is checked for each calculation, which influences the long term use of the roof. The program has a unique function of optimizing fasteners and allows not only to freely shape the roof, but also to take into account openings on the roof and to add slopes or counter-slopes, thanks to which you will get a calculation that meets the formal requirements as well as the individual needs of contractors.

Sample calculation model – taking into account slopes and holes on a flat roof.

If you want to know more, we invite you to watch our video.

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