Technical support on the construction site

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Technical support on the construction site
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Our company has in its ranks many specialized engineers who work closely together daily on a daily basis. The activity of Rawlplug Technical Helpdesk focuses primarily on the support of local engineers, sales representatives, and direct customers. Stationary RTH work gives the opportunity to quickly respond to send inquiries and perform calculations that come from the retail and investment market.  All this adds up to a complete technical service, thanks to which the customer receives effective support at every stage of the investment.

However, we must not forget about the activities that engineers have to face on construction sites. We often recommend testing our products in the conditions of their actual use. There can be many reasons for such a decision, each topic is considered individually.

Strength tests on the construction site consist in checking the load-bearing capacity of the connection of our product with the substrate indicated by the customer. The research is carried out based on standards developed by our company, which are based on EAD requirements as well as British guidelines such as:
BS 8539:2012 Code of practice for the selection and installation of post-installed anchors in concrete and masonry and the assumptions of the British Construction Fixings Association (CFA). The most frequently tested products are bonded and mechanical anchors, as well as façade and roof fasteners. Using certified equipment, as part of a comprehensive service, a series of tests is performed. Then a report is generated containing detailed data and conclusions from the obtained results. Thanks to this, in consultation with the main designer, an individual solution can be created for a specific application. Based on the obtained account, it is also possible to include test results in the calculations in the EasyFix program.

Rawlplug engineers have another very important task on the construction site – training in the proper assembly of fasteners dedicated to employees of contractors. Increasing the competences of the end customer is of particular importance to us. First, we are sure that our products have been correctly selected and installed. In this way, we minimize the number of complaints due to improper assembly or use of the product, while the customer can be sure that the product used by him will obtain the declared parameters.

As a company, Rawlplug sets standards that it is constantly improving. The support and technical service offered are appreciated by our partners around the world. Thanks to this, the group of satisfied customers is constantly growing.

Photo: Strength tests of the R-KEXI bonded anchor performed by the Rawlplug team from Thailand.


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